IMG_0013In march, we took our five oldest children to Honduras for spring break. I was SO excited for them to meet the children at Copprome and the families in Mt. Olivos. While they had heard about the drilling of the water well and the building of the houses, i wanted them to SEE what i had been “working” on the past year. Annabelle, Joshua, and MilerAnne had been a part of the fundraiser at school to run and raise funds for the building of their homes in Mt. Olivos. My heart longed for them to see the fruits of their work.

While my family was there, each and every one of us were drawn to special young lady named “ Tuta” that was translating for us for the week. She had a timid smile, and upon meeting her, you couldnʼt decide if her physical demeanor was one of timidness or abuse. The days were filled with work and weariness as the week flew by. The last few days, Mike ( my hunka hunka burnin love) made a point to spend extra time with Tuta and hear about the hand that life had dealt her. The details of her life are not ours to share, but after hearing the details of her past, Mike gathered our family together in one of the hotel rooms and shared his plan. Tuta was 18 years old and no longer lived in Copprome. She was on her own, without a plan, money, or place to live. She had even attached a random last name to her social media accounts because she “liked the way it sounded in english.” ( at the time, she was staying with a friend) Mikes plan of action consisted of talking with Sister Terricita, ( the nun that started Copprome Childrens Home) finding a safe place for Tuta to live, and providing money for food and college for her. Sister Terricita affirmed that Tuta was as precious as our family had thought. And that she was, indeed, in need.

When we shared with Tuta our plan, the flood gates opened. The sweet child cried for hours. The next morning, she had changed her name on her social media to Tuta Mayernick…..PRICELESS. Weeks and months passed. We continued to talk to her and encourage her. She got a job, but was having trouble getting enrolled in college. SO, what does a mama do when one of her children needs help? She gets on an airplane and goes with a mission to get the problem solved! Last week, I spent the week loving and counseling her, and educating myself on the best way to love this little angel the best way possible from across the ocean. (Visas are not given freely into the US, and even if I could bring her to the US would it be the best thing for her heart to come visit, just to have to go back and leave her family in the US?) PLUS, i KNOW that HE has a plan for Tuta. IN HIS TIMIMG. NOT MINE. SO, we will wait, knowing that HE is in control.

tutaWe spent one day touring colleges, and found the perfect one for her. No time to waste, i got her enrolled and she started the next morning at 6:45am. We fell asleep the night before praying and holding hands. She woke up the next morning at 4am, took a shower and tapped me on the shoulder saying “MOM, it is time that I go to college now!” My heart skipped a beat at the sound of those words! COLLEGE! She is going to COLLEGE!

The past few years, I have heard the word ADOPTION be thrown around. ( negative and positive). Time has taught me that adoption has many faces. It looks different for each and every family. For us, it means putting love in the place of loneliness. Abandonment causes a GAPING hole. Our Savior, Jesus Christ is the only way to fill it. As believers, we choose to be a part of that process OR NOT. One person at a time. In HIS timing, NOT ours.