You’ll be glad to hear that we took your funds to Haiti and fed MANY children!!  Our hope was to raise $1000.00 for the week and we actually brought in $2500.00 for the children in Haiti!!  It has taken me several days to process all that we experienced.  My heart really hasnt recoverd yet.

We went to two different places, this blog post is about the first stop and the next blog post will be about our last stop.

These pics are from “My Life Speaks” (  They have a feeding program in Nepley.  They feed hundreds of children, and also have a feeding program for infants.  One of the problems that women face is their milk drying up while trying to feed their babies.  My Life Speaks provides formula and medical care for the babies in their village.  Right now Haiti is HOT.  SO MANY of the children were covered in heat rashes and were sick.  About 3/4 of the babies that they weighed and assessed were sent to the medical clinic down the road…it was so sad, yet gave so much hope knowing that they will get the care that is needed for them to thrive because of My Life Speaks:)  I was especially impressed with the food that they served.  They had rice, beans, and a vegetable mixture that was DELICIOUS!  I could have eaten several bowls myself:)