abiSuzanne is simply one of the most giving woman I know.  She puts the needs and lives of others first and on her 40th birthday,  we funded an entire adoption as a surprise for her! She talks about how monumental that birthday and the gift was – how it changed the way she looked at the people in her life that all gave sacrificially to change the life of one precious orphan.  We helped give this beautiful child a family and gave her family the ability to fund their adoption, which was PRICELESS!

BUSThis birthday (her 43rd … hee hee) we would like to change about 46 lives! We have been loving on some very sweet children at Coppreme Children’s Home in Honduras.  They have a HUGE need for a bus, and since Suzanne drives a bus (so to speak) to get her crew around, we thought this would be a fabulous gift for her birthday.  When Suzanne was in Honduras, she heard the stories of  the Copprome bus breaking down regularly on the way to school, causing the children to be late to their classes.   There is a stigma already on these kids because they are from the Children’s Home, and riding this broken down bus and arriving late just adds to the stigma.  As Suzanne told us this story, I could see in her eyes that this broke her heart.

Together, we can change this!  We can solve this problem for these children by funding a new bus for Copprome (approximately $10,000).  Help us make Suzanne’s birthday another one to remember and honor her heart and love for others.  But most importantly, let’s give these children a gift that will get them to school on time and let them know that they are special, that we are in their corner and that we truly care.  Let’s buy the bus for Suzanne’s birthday!

Click the following link to donate directly to Suzanne’s birthday gift:   A Bus for Suzanne’s Birthday