147 Logo147 Million Orphans impacts the lives of children through the provision of food, water and medicine. Founded in 2009 by Gwen Oatsvall & Suzanne Mayernick, 147 Million Orphans was created out of a passion and desire to serve vulnerable children.   The name of our company invokes discussion and brings awareness to the worldwide orphan crisis.  We focus on investing directly in projects that help to provide these basic needs primarily in Uganda, Haiti, and Honduras.   We also send Serving Teams to these areas to work with our partners on the ground.


Love+ 1 Serving Trips to Honduras are a highlight of our ministry.  Over 220 people have traveled with 147 Million Orphans to Honduras during the past year.  These teams have constructed homes, built relationships with the communities where we serve, and provided hope to those they’ve met.  We are also piloting a serving trip to Uganda this year with 30 people.  They are serving in an orphanage and feeding programs, managing construction projects and building relationships in a new community.  Serving trips to Haiti will begin in 2014 to the Love+ 1 Medical Center, a 5,000 square foot facility for the community of Gressier.




During 2012, 147 Million Orphans:

  • Provided funding for over 100,000 meals for children in Uganda, Haiti, and Honduras
  • Helped to build clean water wells in Sudan and Honduras
  • Provided funding for HIV education and medicine in Uganda and Haiti
  • Provided funding for a vehicle, appliances and kitchen construction for an orphanage in Haiti
  • Funded the construction costs of 27 homes in Mt. Olivos, Honduras for displaced families.  These 2 bedroom, concrete homes with running water are allowing families to remain intact and raise their children in a healthy environment.  They are building a strong community, including a school and a weekly worship service.
  • Provided over 150 cans of formula to an infant feeding & nutrition program in Haiti
  • Raised $200,000 of the $250,000 needed for construction of the Love+ 1 Medical Center in Gressier, Haiti where there are currently no medical or dental facilities available to the 35,000 residents. This center will include a doctor’s office with a pharmacy, a dental office, an urgent care clinic, and an operating room.  This clinic will be located on land adjoining a school that currently serves over 400 children.

During 2013, the Love+ 1 Projects Include:

  • Raising the final $50,000 and began construction of the Love+ 1 Medical Center in Haiti – a 5,000 square foot facility with medical and dental facilities for a community of 35,000 people with no medical care.  The medical facility is expected to open in September 2013 with ongoing funding needs for supplies and equipment.
  • Construction of a tilapia pond for the community of Mt. Olivos, Honduras.
  • Completion of the construction of all homes in Mt. Olivos, Honduras.
  • Formula for an infant feeding and nutrition program in Haiti
  • Food and medicine to children in Uganda, Haiti, and Honduras
  • Bedding and supply needs for an orphanage in Uganda
  • Food to children in Tennessee through a weekly backpack program